Here it is, the cover of Fortune’s Folly! (Under the cut)


The cover artist is Monica Lee (and if you ever read this Monica, thank you!). I love what she came up with — it’s sort of fresh and whimsical but still incorporates some of the elements that are important to me (the pseudo-Italy setting, the renaissance tapestry-ish vines, the rich colors). I was surprised that it was a night scene but in retrospect it’s a fabulous idea since it allows for the inclusion of the stars and moon, with their fortune-telling associations. Not to mention that several important scenes do happen at night. And blue is my favorite color.

And here’s an image of the back cover and spine:

The golden “magic slipper” perched atop the ISBN numbers is exactly like the one in my brain. I particularly love the sprinkling of stars on the spine as well.


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