Interviews and Contest (not here)

I’m in the author spotlight over on AuthorsNow! today. Please stop over and leave a comment at the end of the interview (not here) and you might win a FREE autographed copy of Fortune’s Folly! Also, you will help me avoid feeling like an unpopular wallflower. As of this moment there are NO COMMENTS! Got to be good odds to win that copy, right?

And if you’re not tired of hearing about me or my books, you can also check out this interview over on the fabulous 2010: A Book Odyssey site. Author Alexandra Bracken (who has a fabulous sounding book coming out next year called Brightly Woven) had some wonderful questions for me. I talk about the names of the characters in my book, the research I did (and didn’t do), and share my sappy and geeky side.


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