Goals for 2010

I love setting goals, for the same reason I like lists in general: they help me feel in control and organized, and it’s fun to check things off once they are taken care of. I like to include a mix of easy things and stuff that will stretch me a bit, and to avoid items that rely too much on luck or the whims of others.

So here are my 2010 goals for writing, reading, and everything else:

  • Complete a draft of a new book.
  • Post new writing each month on the Chasing Inspiration community, and to use it as an opportunity to play with writing and try new things.
  • Participate in three book-related events or conventions (frex, ALA Midwinter, Hudson Book Festival).
  • Create a new PRUNELLA-based presentation (maybe reader-theater)?
  • Create and post a vlog or other video related to my writing.
  • Get set up for Skype and promote my availability for Skype visits.
  • Create a detailed list of updates I’d like to do for my website, and hand it off to my webdesigner.
  • Read all the nominated books for the new YALSA Excellence in Nonfiction award (I’ve already read two of them).
  • Try out five new recipes.
  • Attend at least one session of Fiddlicious. If I like it, go more!
  • Try out the Zumba classes at the gym.
  • Create some sort of community for the dog owners in my city so we can coordinate volunteer work at the new dog park.
  • Go to the U-pick strawberry place and make jam with the bounty.
  • To do some sort of obedience/agility class with Charlie.
  • Go away for a long weekend somewhere new and interesting with Bob (we’re saving money and vacation time for a 2011 UK trip but we do want to have some fun this year too).

And I have one more writing resolution (see #1 and #2) to try to stick to throughout 2010 and beyond. And that is: Strive and Reach!

Which basically boils down to: keep trying new things, don’t be afraid to write outside my comfort zone, don’t fall into a rut or start thinking that I can only write one kind of book. Hopefully Goal #2 above will help with this one!


  1. Sashi says:

    I love lists too! Chasing Inspiration looks cool. Is that a new thing?