What I learned in February

Cutting out Facebook, Twitter and blogging did not really give me more time, because I just found other things to fill it up.

I did miss the connections to my online friends

I did not miss having to filter massive quantities of data to strain out the few things I really care about.

I am much happier not reading reviews. Especially Goodreads reviews.

The cute new shop that just opened two blocks from my office is selling TEA and CUPCAKES. I am doooooomed! But it was so much fun to go in on a rainy day and have my beautiful china pot of Assam and a delicious lemon cupcake on a pale green etched glass plate, with Enya playing and flowers in the window.


  1. Vonna Carter says:

    I”m jealous of your teashop!

  2. Deva says:

    I wish I could take all my tea-and-cupcake loving friends there!