I’ve been on a writing break since finishing a revision of my most recent project at the beginning of this month, and sending it off on its next adventure.

It’s been a lovely break so far. I’m participating in an heirloom apple CSA and so far it is the best CSA I’ve been a part of! I always felt guilty and anxious over vegetable CSAs, uncertain I could use them all, but with apples, no problem! Fresh, crisp eating apples, delicious melty baking apples filling the house with the scent of cinnamon. Mmm. (For those of you in Maine, if you are interested in signing up next year, you can subscribe to emails via their website.)

I’ve also been reading a LOT, with the sort of book-hunger I remember from childhood, when I would wake up early to read for hours before school, and stay up late reading even more. I’ll try to spotlight some of my favorites in another post.

But I am starting to feel that itch that I always feel when I’m not writing regularly.

And I know if it goes on too long I will start to hear what Jay Smooth calls “The Little Hater”:

“I’m sure there are people who wake up every day feeling confident that the entire world wants to look at their face and listen to them talk, but I’m not one of those people. When I’m in the groove, and getting work done, and I feel like I’m making the connection with you guys out there… it feels natural to keep showing up and maintaining that connection. But if I go too long without putting work in, and it feels like that connection is broken, there’s a little voice inside my head that starts playing tricks on me, and trying to convince me that the connection was never really there.”

Except as a writer, it’s more the connection to the ocean of stories, the sensation that you are a conduit for some vivid, living, vibrant world of deeper meaning.

Anyways, I figure it is about time I try to get back on the wagon and beat off the Little Hater. To help motivate me, I’ve rearranged my home workspace to create a make-shift standing desk (I use one at my day job and much prefer it now). I also put up some new inspirational artwork: a selection of postcards and images from my collection.

So now when I stand here with the laptop open, I have Eowen regarding me with steely determination, challenging me to stop messing around on the internet and WRITE!

So off I go!


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