Reading Stats 2014

I’ve been trying to pay more attention to my own reading habits over the past few years, and in particular to read more broadly and diversely, both in the sense of reading works by diverse authors and about diverse characters, as well as genres and stories that are outside my comfort zone.

This year, as part of that, I kept track of my reading, and looked at the results. For my own reference, and because I find other folks’ reading statistics fascinating, here are mine:

Total Things Read: 117

This doesn’t count the six novels I read for crit partners (some of them more than once). It does count novellas, picture books and graphic novels as well as full length books and essay/short story collections. The full list, if you’re curious, is here on Goodreads.

Breaking that down (roughly, rounded, probably with errors):


26 Hardcopy Owned 22%
30 Hardcopy Library 26%
34 Ebooks Owned 29%
12 Ebooks Library 10%
1 Audiobook Owned 1%
14 Audiobook Library 12%

which is:

56% Hardcopy
39% Ebooks
13% Audio


52% Owned
48% Library

Comments: I have been surprised by how much I read on my ereader! I actually think I may need to cut back, especially right before bed (it is just so easy to read that way, tapping the edge of the screen, huddled under the covers). My husband just got me a clip on reading light so I am hoping to do a bit more paper-reading! I made an effort to listen to more audiobooks this year — especially nonfiction, which I find hard to focus on otherwise. And I love (and am so grateful for) my local library!


67 Non-Diverse 57%
50 Diverse 43%

Or (as best I can tell)

86 by non-Diverse Authors 73%
31 by Diverse Authors 27%

Comments: I exceeded my goal of 25%! And read a TON of wonderful, fantastic books. But I am hoping to increase that number next year, and in particular to read more books by diverse authors, not just about diverse characters.


45 Adult 38%
45 YA 38%
24 MG 21%
3 Child 3%

Comments: I didn’t expect to read so many adult books. But I am happy with this balance. I would like to read a bit more MG next year…


80 Novels 68%
15 Nonfiction 13%
15 Graphic Novel 13%
3 PB 3%
2 Novella 2%
1 Short Story collection 1%
1 Essay Collection 1%

Comments: I’m happy with this breakdown, and would love to hit something similar next year.


105 First Time 90%
12 Re-reads 10%

Comments: I actually intended to re-read more, but I kept finding cool new books to distract me!


93 Women 79%
24 Men 21%

Comments: Most of the male authors seem to be for graphic novels and nonfiction. I’m not necessarily concerned I’m reading “too many women authors” but this makes me think I might want to seek out more nonfiction by women and more fiction by men!

Hopefully I will get my act together to post about my favorite reads of the year, and what I am most anticipating in 2015!

Happy New Year! May 2015 bring you many good things, especially good books to read!


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