August Diversions

Here’s what I was up to in August:

We saw a phenomenal live show at the Opera House in Boothbay earlier this month: Hot Club of Cowtown. They mix up gypsy jazz and western swing, and are so full of energy I think they could power a small nation. Also, they have an adorable corgi mascot who hung out on stage for the first act looking very cute and completely unfazed by both the music and the applause.

Here’s a video from one of their shows earlier this year. I love how much FUN they all seem to be having, performing!:

I’m deep in the brainstorming/test-writing phase of a new project (actually, a couple new projects that I can’t decide between). Hopefully one of them will develop enough to take off!

Another light month for reading, but what I did read was excellent!

Chasing Shadows by Swati Avasthi [YA Contemporary]
I loved the honesty and complexity of the characters in this. It’s a painful book to read, in many ways, but also beautiful (both in prose, and in the way the complicated and painful issues are resolved). And I really enjoyed the comic book elements (both of the narrators read comic books, and the novel itself incorporates several graphic-novel style inserts.

How I found it:
I was in the mood for a contemporary, and was specifically looking for a book by a non-white author (as part of my deliberate attempt to diversify my reading). This book had been on my radar, and it was face-out on the display shelf at the library. I sat down and read the first chapter and was hooked!

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir [YA Fantasy]
The stakes were what really hooked me here: a girl from a downtrodden, conquered people forced to spy on her enemies, in order to gain the support of the rebels who can save her brother. And a boy training to be a killer who just wants to escape his life. But my favorite character was actually one of the secondary characters, the lone girl training to be a merciless soldier, painfully loyal and enduring so much. Not everything was resolved here, so I’m glad to hear there’s going to be a sequel.

How I found it:
There’s been a lot of buzz for this one, and I must admit I love the title and the cover, and I am a sucker for vaguely-Mediterranean-inspired fantasy worlds. And the first chapter definitely grabbed my attention!

The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows [YA Fantasy]
I loved this! It has a lot of familiar elements, but combined in new ways that really just pushed all my reader-buttons. A strong girl with a complicated past, a secret, and a fierce determination to do the right thing (even though she gradually comes to realize that maybe “the right thing” isn’t what she thought it was). And a slow-building romance with a mysterious adversary-turned-ally. The romance (especially that first kiss!) was one of my favorites of recent memory. There’s quite a large cliffhanger ending though, so be warned!

How I found it:
I’ve wanted to try something by this author, so when an online reference reminded me of this new series I downloaded a sample, read a bit, and decided I had to keep going.

My marriage is almost old enough to go to college. 17 years! And I remain ridiculously grateful every single day…

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