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I didn’t read or play as much in February as I would have liked, mostly because I got distracted planning our big 2018 vacation. We’re going to the UK at the end of July/beginning of August, spending time in Bath and the Cotswolds and finishing with a day in London dedicated primarily to seeing Hamilton (eee!).

Ghost by Jason Reynolds (MG contemporary, ebook)
First in a series of novels about kids who are on a competitive middle school track team. Really amazing voice, and I was impressed by how so much stuff was woven so seamlessly into a relatively short (but powerful) novel.

Ancillary Mercy by Ann Leckie (Adult SF, ebook)
Third and final book in the intricate and nuanced Imperial Radch series. This story has more of the amazing world building and characterization, along with a surprising amount of humor and an unsurprising (given the previous books) amount of thoughtful discussion of humanity.

The Runaways (TV, Hulu)
I really loved this series about a band of teens with various skills and abilities who discover their parents are supervillains. There are some significant changes from the original comic (which I also read and enjoyed) but for the most part I think the changes strengthened this version (in particular, the deeper focus on the parents, and the addition of Nico’s sister). There were a couple of times I wanted to shake certain characters, and I’m not entirely happy with some of the portrayals, but overall I really enjoyed this and am excited to see where they will go in Season 2.

The Good Place Season 2 (TV, Hulu)
Weird, unpredictable, heart-wrenching, ridiculous (in a good way), I don’t think there’s any way I can do this show justice in a short blurb. Also, spoilers! But if you enjoyed the first season I think it is likely you will love the second as much or more.

Queer Eye (TV, Netflix)
Heartwarming, emotional and fun. It follows a similar premise to the original show: five gay men who specialize in different areas (grooming, food, etc) who provide a sort of lifestyle makeover to someone else nominated by friends and family to be on the show. I love how how the five seem to really, truly care about their clients and want the best for them.

Dragon Age: Awakening (Videogame, PS3)
I am not entirely sure why I skipped playing this DLC when I first played Dragon Age Origins. I actually had no idea how substantial it was– a full game in its own, practically! I’m so glad my friend Chris encouraged me to try it because I did truly enjoy returning to this world, even though it took me a couple hours to remember how to use the controls. I did find it a bit buggy and the slowness (compared to more recent games) got to me, but overall I had fun and am glad to have filled in this gap in my Dragon Age experience. Though it did make me even more sad about what they did with Anders in DA2!

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