Rival Magic is OUT!

My fourth middle-grade novel Rival Magic is now OUT and available in hardback and ebook form wherever books are sold! Woohoo!!!!

Thank you to anyone who purchases a copy, whether it’s for yourself or a young friend or family member. A book never really feels REAL to me until it’s out there in the world, in the hands (and hopefully the hearts) of readers. I may be the one who wrote down the words, but my stories truly come alive in the imaginations of my readers. I really hope you all enjoy this one!

Here’s a couple new trade reviews I can share:

“A fast-paced and pleasant magical read that proves that the power of friendship can help overcome many challenges. A strong choice for middle grade readers who enjoy adventure, fantasy, and enemies-to-friends tales.” ~ School Library Journal

“Lovably imperfect heroines, dancing turnips, a sea monster or two, and a political whodunnit keep the pages turning until the satisfying conclusion.” ~ BCCB

Signed and/or personalized copies may be ordered from my local independent bookstore, PRINT: A Bookstore!

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