A plucky orphan girl stumbles into a conflict centuries in the making in this thrilling middle grade fantasy about unexpected heroes, the power of friendship, and one boisterous enchanted sword. For more info click here.

Rival Magic

Colorful illustrated cover showing two girls looking mischievously at each other, one holding scrolls, the other holding an enchanted turnip. They are surrounded by other figures including a white ferret, a creepy pale woman with mouths all over her body, and an older female wizard pointing at the title RIVAL MAGIC.

Apprentice wizards Antonia and Moppe must set aside their rivalry and unite their opposing skill sets to save Master Betrys, their island nation, and themselves. For more info click here.

Circus Galacticus

Illustrated cover showing a red and white circus tent floating among the stars, beneath an ornate title reading CIRCUS GALACTICUS

The story of a fifteen-year old orphan girl who joins an intergalactic circus troupe led by the dazzling yet enigmatic Ringmaster in order to unravel the dangerous mysteries left by her astronaut parents and to find her own place in the universe. For more info click here.

The Magical Misadventures of Prunella Bogthistle

Illustrated cover showing a girl and boy running through a swamp away from a giant green alligator.

A witch who can’t curse and a thief who wants to be a hero team up to either save the kingdom… or doom it! For more info click here.

Fortune’s Folly

Illustrated cover showing a white girl with brown hair against a background of green vines and a starry sky.

In this fairy-tale influenced fantasy, Fortunata proclaims a fake prophecy for a prince, only to find she must make it come true or her father will die! For reviews, ordering info, and more click here.