Artwork of a tween girl facing away, looking into a mysterious and colorful forest. There is a gray cat at her feet, and two figures face her: a wicked young prince and a fierce girl with a bow.

Perfect for fans of the Twisted Tales series and Doll Bones, this thrilling middle grade fantasy follows a girl without a face as she battles a deadly enchanted forest and learns the truth behind her world’s fairy tales.

Appearances are always deceiving…?

Fable has been cursed by what the people in her village call the Blight, a twisted enchantment that leaves her without a face of her own. To stay alive, Fable has to steal the faces of others, making her an outcast that no one trusts. When the fierce Blighthunter Vycorax comes to kill Fable to stop her curse from spreading, Fable narrowly escapes by fleeing into the thorny woods surrounding her small village

The treacherous forest has been ruled by a demon-prince for centuries, a deadly place trapped in time. Fable—and her opinionated feline companion, Moth—is the first to dare enter in a very long time. There, she encounters a tediously chatty skull, dangerously meddlesome deities, and a beast so powerful it tears at the fabric of reality, leaving nothingness in its horrible wake.

Fable will soon discover that, in the Mirrorwood, nothing is quite like the stories say, and the perilous realm may be the only chance she has to break her curse and find her true self.

To be published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers on April 12, 2022.
ISBN: 1534497145
ISBN13:  978-1534497146

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